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Dear World,

Welcome to my journey of how I found the strength to go from Shame to Shine, Heartbreak to Healing, Trauma to Transformation, Resilience to (R)Evolutionary LOVE Coach!

“Hurt People Hurt People” and I say “Healed People Heal People!” And in this guide, I will share with you my intimate stories of pain and healing told in the form of letters, poems, songs, monologues, dialogues, meditations and affirmations about being a woman of color and how I utilized my experiences to guide my internal compass and reclaim myself.

As girls and women, we are conditioned to believe that acts of oppression directed towards us have to somehow be tolerated, just a part of our daily lives of being a female in this patriarchal society. We internalize it and are expected to be cute, nice and quiet, be seen and not heard, stay silent and smile, be submissive and take one for the team, hide our wounds and scars, have surgery to be desirable, be like everyone else to be accepted, pretend to be perfect to be worthy of love, and on and on. It is clear that these are the primary reasons why mental health issues among women are most prevalent. Depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicide corresponding to the alarming rates of sexual violence are most common.

It has taken me many years to unravel these many complicated and insidious entanglements, allow tears and raw emotions to flow, release shame and guilt, conjure up a spirit of reflection, curiosity and gratitude, be in meditation and prayer, to say “HELL NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and CHOOSE ME!

I made a vow to myself that no matter what, each day, every single time, whenever possible, I CHOOSE ME! That became my life-saving mantra. I reclaimed my voice and found the courage to say NO to what doesn't serve me, YES to joy and pleasure, to redefine my boundaries, to prioritize my wants and needs, to make myself non-negotiable, to practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, to LOVE ME unconditionally, to give myself permission to become (R)Evolutionary LOVE.

I also made a commitment to share with the world my (R)Evolutionary LOVE Formula L.O.V.E.: Like, Own, Visualize, Express. As I invite you to see inside these heart-centered pages, it is my deep intention to inspire and guide you to also decide, “I CHOOSE ME” powerfully and unapologetically, so we can ALL make the IMPACT we were born to make!

Love, Light, and Liberation,
(R)Evolutionary LOVE Coach

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"And that’s when it happened. Working with Angelica Castro is when I realized the true power of life coaching. Angelica is the epitome of patience and empathy, but more so, drive and commitment. She lives and breathes her passion for service and love. She guides you to the best version of yourself and teaches you how to pivot your perspective, your heart, and your soul to truly embrace a life you deserve. Angelica is making the world a better place, one powerful woman at a time. If you are ready to embrace love in every aspect, Angelica is the coach for you!”

-Dawn Cook

CEO/Founder, Aviatrix Mindset Coaching Program

"Revolutionary Love represents the kind of love we all need to embrace all that we are. Angelica Castro's work reminds us that the greatest revolutionary work we can ever undertake is the work we do about our inner selves. This work requires courage, community, and of course, love. Angelica's work and knowledge weave together all of the pieces of ourselves that we need to claim to show up powerfully in the world; as healers, protectors, leaders, and loving human beings."

-Ruby Maddox

Purpose Coach, Direct Your Purpose