Defining (R)Evolutionary Love

My interview with Nim Stant, Founder of Go All In TV, air on ABC15, Phoenix, Arizona. I share about my life journey and my book "I Choose Me: A Girl's Guide to (R)Evolutionary LOVE."

Hi! I’m the (R)Evolutionary LOVE Coach,

This movement comes from my life story of looking for love everywhere but within. I was conditioned and socialized to believe love comes from somewhere and someone else, in the form of a mate or partner, donning roses, poetry and diamonds that reflect the love they feel for me. I was taught that Love is a noun, and I came to the cathartic realization that Love is a verb.

It evolves within me, and I nurture that love in order to grow and blossom. As that love flows through my mind, body, spirit, in every cell of my being, that love exudes from the deepest part of my soul and the core of my heart space. It transforms everything and everyone around me and the way I love; it touches me, my children, family, lovers, friends, communities and the world!

My journey is to learn to continue to “Choose Me,” listen to my voice, and walk with power and intention, to fall in love with myself. It began with vulnerability, honesty about my life, courage to embrace the truth, let go of what didn’t serve me and dare to co-create a life full of love, light and laughter, vibrating with possibilities and purpose. Liberation is an awesome journey that I deeply believe is our given right, and everyone deserves to experience. I would be honored to accompany and guide you on your transformative journey.

“I Choose Me: A Girl’s Guide to (R)Evolutionary LOVE” is a calling to love yourself first, love yourself fiercely, and love yourself fully! You will experience true alignment and unconditional love, feel transcendent and trust that everything is unfolding in divine timing!

One Love and Much Gratitude,
Angelica Castro


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"Angelica Castro is the most positive person I’ve ever known. I have collaborated with her on numerous projects over many years and, whether coaching or consulting, she consistently inspires growth and transformation. As a person and a professional I can say wholeheartedly that I, myself, would not be who I am today, nor would I have achieved what I have achieved without Angelica’s colleagueship. Whatever you are working to accomplish, one of your greatest assets will be having Angelica Castro in your corner!"

-Dr. Patricia Romney

President, Romney Associates, Inc,

"When I hear the words “Revolutionary Love,” Angelica Castro is the first person that pops into my mind. She embodies love and compassion in every fiber of her being. She is a role model for going after her own growth, healing, and transformation, which then inspires and allows others to do the same. In spaces, Angelica emanates a calm, loving wisdom that allows people to open up and explore ideas and places they never imagined they would be able to. Whether as a coach, trainer, or speaker, Angelica Castro is the compassionate cheerleader you want behind you or your team. She creates magic everywhere she goes!"

-Molly Keehn, Ed.D.

Co-Creator of CoJourn

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